Marty Reno purchased his first guitar when he was 9 years old, and has made music and entertainment his life ever since.  Born in Montreal, Quebec, Marty was raised on Prince Edward Island and has spent much of his life traveling and performing across Canada as well as the US, Europe and the Caribbean.

A versatile and talented musician, Marty started performing live as a teenager in 1958 with his band. His early years as a performer concentrated on the classic country music of the day.  Marty is a seasoned entertainer with many years of experience encompassing television, radio, stage, film and recording. His television credits include The Nashville Network, The Tommy Hunter Show, The Moe Koffman Special, The Ian Tyson Show, and special guest appearances on the East Coast Music Awards.  He was the bandleader on The Rocky Mountain Inn, which aired in Canada on CTV, in the US on NBC, and throughout the United Kingdom on Thames Television. In 1972 he began collaboration with Gene MacLellan (Writer of the classic, “Snowbird”) that lasted two decades.  The two released an album entitled “Gene and Marty” in 1976.

Marty has recently made Connecticut his home after getting married to his wife, Betsy, A Connecticut native.  Marty has 5 children, who are all musically inclined, as well and grandchildren and great-grandchildren who create and play incredible music.  He has spent the last 10 years dividing himself between the Caribbean Islands and the Maritime provinces of Canada.  An accomplished Sailor, he has made “Sarah Jane Riley”, a classic wooden sailboat, and a part-time home.  His travels aboard Sarah Jane brought him all over the Caribbean where he performed in various clubs, bars and cafes.  His voice could be heard in such places as Averill’s, The Last Lemming and the Yaght Club in Antigua, as well as Le Select (Of “Cheeseburger in Paradise” fame) in St. Bart’s.  In Canada Marty devoted many years writing music and touring with “Hank Williams- The Show he Never Gave”- a play by Maynard Collins.  The Play is a fantasy recreation of New Year’s Eve, 1953, the night Hank Williams died.  Marty in the role of Hank, brought to life the concert that might have been.  It was a hugely successful and memorable performance with well-deserved nightly standing ovations.

Marty’s current repertoire covers an amazing range from the classic country of Hank Williams, Marty Robbins, and Johnny Cash to the contemporary folk and popular music of such artists as Willie Nelson, Tom Waits, Eric Clapton, and James Taylor.  He also has an extensive catalogue of his own songs from folk and blues to country and gospel.

When Marty first met his wife in Antigua, she went to see him perform at a local nightspot.  A gentleman among the guests at her table asked her if she had ever seen Marty perform before.  When she replied no, the man said, “ Well sit back then, you’re in for a real treat”.

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